Clocktower Media specializes in designing creative and interactive websites. Our goal with each client is not only to create a site that communicates the distinct nature of their organization, but also to create a site that engages their audience through look, feel and navigation.

Great web design is more than just web design. GREAT web design incorporates elements that are often overlooked. Here at Clocktower, it all starts with asking the right questions up front. Our Design Leads and Project Managers work closely with our clients to ensure we understand their vision and goals from day one.

Questions like, what is the primary goal of your website? Who are your primary customers? What are your main products or services? What do you think has made you successful in your niche?

As we dig in and find unique selling points, our design team is able to visualize and create a one-of-a-kind website that make people oooo and ahhh! If you haven't seen it already, be sure to jump over to our Portfolio page to check out sites we've recently launched.

So where is your business located? We've worked with dozens of clients in cities throughout the greater Seattle region, and we'd love to help you with your upcoming project (please select from the list below):

Seattle Web Design

Are you located in the Seattle area? All that seperates us is Lake Washington. Contact our office today to get your upcoming project started.


Clocktower Media is located on the Kirkland/Bellevue boarder. If your Bellevue business is in need of a website, contact our office today!


Bellevue Web Design
Redmond Web Design

A lot of our current clients are located in Redmond as our office is just minutes away. If you're considering building a new website or redesigning your current site, give us a call today!


Clocktower Media is headquartered in Kirkland. If you've never seen our office, stop by and say hi! And if you're on the market for a new site, reach out to our team today.


Kirkland Web Design
Renton Web Design

Is your business located in Renton? Contact our office today if you're in need of a top-notch, custom web design.


Bellingham, while you may be a handful of miles north on I-5, we're still available for you. If you're looking for professional, creative web design, contact us today.


Bellingham Web Design
Bothell Web Design

Bothell is one of our closest neighbors to the north. If you're business is in or around Bothell, call us to discuss your upcoming web design project. We're certain we can help!


Seattle Web Design for
Seattle Web Design for All Tullys Coffee
Seattle Web Design for Eddie Bauer
Seattle Web Design for Microsoft
Seattle Web Design for Premera Insurance
Seattle Web Design for Stanford University