Clocktower Media understands the need for up-to-the-minute communication. Staying "up-to-the-minute" with fresh website content, news, etc projects the same authority online that companies works so hard to produce offline. With our custom content management systems, your website can be refreshed, updated or edited anytime, anywhere.

Our in house, Seattle web design team builds content management systems from the ground up - completely tailored to your company's needs. With the most basic understanding of the internet, you can manage the content of your website with ease and simplicity.

Our Features Include:

Easy content editor: You don't need to know how to code or develop (no HTML experience needed) to work within a CMS. You're essentially working in an environment that operates like a Word Doc!

Interface branded to match your website: Your CMS will not only operate the way you need it to, it will match the look and feel of your organization - your CMS will be customized to reflect who you are.

YouTube video embed capability: Our CMS will allow you to embed your YouTube videos directly into the content of your site. You'll have full manageability over the size and positioning of the player.

Image upload capability: Securely upload image assets directly to the server from any computer and plug them direclty into any page.

Web-based interface: The web-based interface allows you manage your content from any computer, anwhere.

Secure password protection: You'll be assiged a specific, secure password to prevent unauthorized access.

Instant updates: Easily login and post to your blog, service pages, news feed, etc.

Hear From One Of Our Clients

"We had a fantastic experience with Clocktower..."

-Leah Schedin with Cobalt Mortgage


Use Cases:

Efficiency: You and and your teamates will be given unique logins allowing each of you to make modifications to your site anywhere you have access to the web - when the marcom team is responsible for publishing new content to market the latest product release, one team member can post content to the product page while another writes and posts a product release announcement on the blog.

Security: Users will be given roles and will be limited to what they can manage based on their unique needs. This prevents overlap and allows different teams to access only the areas of the website that pertain to their needs - if an intern is responsible for writing/editing new content, their access can be limited to the singular page they're responsible for updating.

Important Notices: When news hits, or when you need to communicate with your users on short notice - a CMS will allow you to copy, paste and post content immediately.

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